We’re Another Year Older!

Wow! What a year it’s been! There’s so much to tell and so many people to thank. We’ve also got a bunch of exciting announcements to make! Seeing as this might go on for a bit, I thought I’d post a brief version right at the very beginning. A sort of TL;DR, so here goes!

We raised S$935,000, our family has grown AND we’re bringing our games to China (and the rest of the world) in 2015!

Now for the full version. Pst! If you stay till the end, we’ve included a bonus comic! 😀

We raised $935,000!

Yes we did! We’re super excited to welcome aboard a fantastic line-up of investors to the Inzen family.

Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC), Maxim de Wit

GMGC from Beijing is a network of who’s who in China’s mobile games industry. From developers, to publishers, platforms and telcos, they’ve got it all covered. We first met them in March when they invited us to speak at their conference in Beijing. Eight months and many trips later, we’re truly thankful to have them as a part of our family. On a personal note, Maxim de Wit, their VP of International has been tremendously helpful and if you’re a mobile game company looking to do business in China, he’s the man to talk to.

Melvin Tan

Melvin has a real heart for companies that give life to the people they serve, and specialises in helping companies raise funds at the late stage as they position for IPO. From the get-go, we’ve aimed to put a smile on people’s faces through the experiences we create and that’s (possibly, maybe, hopefully) why Melvin invested in us. We want to thank Melvin for his faith and we’ll definitely draw upon his experience as we continue to grow.

Incubate Fund, Masahiko Honma

And finally, the Incubate Fund, managed by Masahiko Honma from Tokyo, the leaders of this investment round. Working with Honma-san has been an inspiring experience. It takes immense courage for someone to uproot themselves from their home, to move from a country with an advanced stage of economic development to a region where everything may take upwards of five years to come together.

Three years ago, Honma-san did exactly that and through his work, he’s managed to rally entrepreneurs, funds and service providers together from Japan, China, Korea and around the region. To do what Honma-san does, you have to have profound respect for and a sincere appreciation of culture. We are honoured to have him on board to guide us in the next phase of Inzen.

It’s not just our new investors though.

Our earlier investors, Harveen (Chairman, Hatcher), John Sharp (CEO, Hatcher) and Hans (Managing Partner, Incubasia) have been instrumental in guiding us through the process. We’ve made a lot of games in the past but raising money? That’s an entirely different ball game.

Thank you Harveen, John and Hans for helping us shape a vision around how our roots in innovation and play can be applied across different cultures.

And it’s not just the investors.

I’m thrilled to go to work each day and it’s all thanks to the team. The founding crew at Inzen, Roland, Chin Hong, Jia Ling and Zander are tremendously talented at what they do and it’s been such a blast growing together and building upon our GAMBIT experience. The creative and visual story team of Gareth and Amanda, are pretty much responsible for our comics, the way we communicate and my new-found eloquence :D. We’ve got Lu, our lead artist from Uruguay, and Yi Chuin, who’s just joined us, and they work extremely hard to bring you the kaleidoscopic whizpoppers that you see in our games. Nigel, Tengfei and Jesmond form our triple-tag-tech-team who breathe life into all our designs and creations. I’m honored and excited for the days ahead with these guys.

And a big thank you to those who’ve supported us behind the scenes.

We worked on some spectacular games at GAMBIT and there were two titles that we felt strongly for, but they were only prototypes back in the day. We’re grateful to have been granted the license to fulfill the full vision we had for these games, so players get to hone their skills at tactical free-form formation manipulation, and challenge each other online through multi-touch projectile rebounding madness. :) (We’ll be making another announcement about this in the coming weeks!)


We’re bringing our games to China (and the rest of the world)!

As we speak (or you read), Zander, Jia Ling and I are about to head back to China for another month!

The partnerships we’ve forged have allowed us to reach out to gamers in China and bring them our culture of play. For that we’re grateful.

One of the two games we’re working on right now became the top game in China’s App Store when we last soft launched it and I hope the full game brings as much joy to you as the prototype did!

We’re super-psyched to have come this far and whether you’re a gamer or business partner we can’t wait to bring you more awesomeness, no matter where you are!

Until next time, G-Man out!

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