Dark Dot Open Beta!!!

Hey guys,

Gerald here with an update. So.. we’re finally doing a Dark Dot Beta! We’re going live on Google Play in 6 Countries:

– US
– Canada
– Australia
– UK
– Singapore
– Malaysia

And if you’re outside of these countries and you wanna play too, you can download the apk directly from: www.darkdot.mobi

We’ll do a bigger post when we launch but this really has been a long time coming! 18 months ago, we set off for China with the original Dark Dot, wanting to fulfill the full vision that we had. And today, you’ll get to play the full experience that we’ve built after our China adventures.

This Beta comes with 20 levels and other bonus game modes + a full line-up of Darklets that you can collect to enhance your elemental powers.

And as a Beta Tester, you get these rewards:

VIP Tier 1:

  • 38 Pure Aether
  • 1888 Elemateria
  • 88 Orbs
  • 1 Premium Morphs
  • Get One Pandarklet
  • Energy Limit goes up to 120
  • Get one of each Medium XP Darklet

VIP Tier 2:

  • 88 Pure Aether
  • 3888 Elemateria
  • 188 Orbs
  • 3 Premium Morphs
  • Get One of each Big XP Darklet
  • Get 4 Non element Core Fragments
  • Get a Unicorn Darklet
  • Consumables in Endless Mode now 10% Cheaper

We’ll also make sure that you’re well taken care of during the final launch. During this time, please let us know if you encounter any major issues along the way. We’ll also love to hear comments and suggestions for the game, so we can make it better.

Another huge thank you post is coming when we launch but in the mean time..

hello world

We hope you enjoy the Darkest of Terrors!

Also, follow us on these social media platforms for the latest updates and news!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DarkDotGame/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dark_dot
Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/100071589075774200256
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dark_dot/

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